Opening hours
Prices and/or contents may change without notice.

Lunch;                      Curry Rice $7.00  Udon or Soba  $5.00 or $5.50
                                   Teishoku(complete set menu) starting at $8.50
                                   Chicken Teriyaki, Garlic fried chicken, Shio-saba,
                                   Tonkatsu,  Tempura,  Pork ginger, Sashimi,   and more
                                   Domburi(meal over a bowl of Rice) from $6.50
                                   Gyu-Don,  Teriyaki-Don,  Tempura-Don, Unagi-Don,
                                   Note; you can add coffee to your lunch for only $1.00
                                   Home made; Japanese Bread, Pastries, Ice cream and more

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Dinner;                  Appetizer  Starting from $3.00
                   Edamame, Hiyayakko, Assorted pickles, Agedashi tofu, Tonkatsu,
                   Shio-saba, Buta-kimuchi and more
                               Assorted Sushi    from  $20.00  
                               Assorted Sashimi from $18.00  
                          Rolled sushi  from $4.50

                 Curry rice  from $7.00     Domburi dish  from $7.50
                 Udon or Soba    from  $5.00